A powerful Savaunt and known enemy of the heroes


Phaydris was first discovered in the dungeons of Jaranal Keep, imprisoned there by Knight Commander Lockland. It was discovered that Phaydris was an agent of the Shadow who originally turned Lockland with the promise of great wealth. Lockland in turn betrayed Phaydris after learning of the location of these riches but he was in turn betrayed as he realized he had been duped and used as a pawn of the Shadow.

When Phaydris is discovered by the heroes in the dungeons of Jaranal Keep he is in the guise of a frail old man. Only when the heroes release him does he take on his true form:

“At first nothing could be seen in the darkened threshold, then a hunched form stepped forward. Wrapped in filthy robes tied at the waist with a length of rope, Phaydris’ twisted body was that of a man well past his middle years. His gaunt face bore a hooked nose and a thin mouth. Dark, gray hair hung in dirty knots from his balding scalp to the middle of his back. A rough, inch-thick scar circled his neck.

Phaydris. The name meant ‘snake’ or ‘vile one’. In the ancient tongue, it also described a fear of the night.

The stooped man limped forward, leaning heavily upon his black staff. He peered through the smoke of the brazier, his lips curled back into a smile revealing blackened, pointed teeth…"



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