Greymeer: Age of the Druidyr

Greymeer: Age of the Druidyr - 2 & 3
SESSION 2 & 3 - as penned by the scribe Jasonephias Quinn

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It is morning and the party is getting ready to depart for the Ardent Shield when we hear panic in the streets! After everyone packs up their gear and leaves the inns the two groups rendezvous and run into Father Lothlar. Dirty, bruised, and battered he tells us that the church had been burned to the ground in the night by unknown assailants. The group decides to press on to the Ardent Shield and secure Gerard as fast as possible.

The journey to the Ardent Shield is uneventful and upon our arrival a page takes our horses and directs us to the entrance. An establishment of obvious wealth and prominence, we notice stone golems guarding the elaborate doorway. The entire inn is made of hand-cut stone, even the interior walls, making it a formidable structure. Everything appears normal for an upper class establishment so we book rooms under false names. Morian sets up a ward to warn him if anyone intrudes through the windows and Kinsman notices a shadowy figure lurking in the trees outside. The party regroups for lunch in the common room and decides to gather information. Eavesdropping on the clients, we mostly hear about the recent trouble at the church and the common affairs of business. Arlaith tries to get information from one of the pages but he is far too nervous as they are not allowed to speak to guests.

Enough is going on to rouse our suspicions so we take more aggressive action. Branix goes to keep watch on the figure in the trees, shadow-stepping out and discovering many more are lurking deeper within the trees but is unable to determine or what they are. The two Children of Methusella use their arcane senses and do a walk around the inn to see if they pick up on anything beyond minor magics. Charis has a drink with the barmaid and the owner, trying to glean out more information. At the end of the western corridor a both an arcane and evil presence is detected. A page emerges from the room and but closes the door too quickly for us to make out anyone inside. Delymeer knocks on the door but only a gruff and frightened voice replies, telling him to leave. In the meantime Charis uses Object Read on a golem and confirms that Father Gerard had in fact been smuggled into the inn late in the evening a few days prior with the help of the inn keeper. The suspicion is that Gerard is the presence felt within the room and that he might have become tainted in some way.

Session 2, part 2

Regrouped in our room (next to the room we suspect Gerard to be in) the party goes over what information was found and how to proceed when the sky darkens ominously in the middle of the day. The figures within the trees move out and Branix returns to the room. Something triggers Morian’s wards set in his room on the other side of the inn. A knock at the chamber door where everyone is gathered breaks the sudden oppressive silence and everyone readies themselves. Delymeer opens it to find a page who looks in his face suddenly taking on a demonic visage. A long serpent-like tongue strikes Delymeer and he reels as hot venom courses through him. Kinsman drops the foe with a single shot to the throat. The party drags the corpse into the room and inspects it, finding another sigil similar to those on previous enemies branded on the back of his neck.

Morian steps out into the hallway to investigate and witnesses a strange blue, crackling light flickering through the windows of the front of the building. Horrified, he watches as the end of the hall is torn apart by a dark, thunderous vortex of ghostly, howling faces. He unleashes a volley of magic missiles at the wailing corruption while Charis, Branix and Delymeer emerge into the hallway. Kinsman goes out the window and takes to the roof to provide cover fire, sighting a green robed cultist making his way to a hole that has just been blasted through the inn’s kitchen wall. The archer dispatches the sorcerer with a few seeking arrows. Enemies approach from the direction of the common room where screaming and fighting can be heard. Both Children feel a pain in their minds and intuitively know that something is wrong with their Sae-bread stallions stabled at the rear of the inn. Knowing they are now under full scale assault the party reacts quickly, their one goal: to get Gerard away and out of danger no matter what the cost. Arlaith Dimension Doors into the next room and Morian charges down the hall, heedless of the whirling horror, to meet her there. Charis finds herself fighting a powerful ghostly revenant that’s seems largely unaffected by hits even from her blade Lornreaver.

At the end of the hall, Morian kicks the priest’s door off its hinges. Inside he finds Arlaith bending over Gerard who seems to be out of his mind, rocking back and forth, scribbling gibberish on sheets of parchment. Arlaith tries talking to him but eventually is forced to knock him unconscious and drag the frail priest along. Outside the room, near where the wall is being torn away, there is a large company of orcs wearing mail armor attempting to smash in through the window. Just as Arlaith and Morian exit the room with the priest the whirling horror is dispatched but the orcs are close behind it and begin to push their way through the shattered wall. Delymeer and Branix hold the hallway, slaying several of the invading orcs. Branix in particular scores many viscious hits with Syraxill. Arliath clears a path with a lightning bolt, passes Gerard to Morian and casts web spells over the damaged walls to keep the orcs at bay or at least delay them.

With the orcs temporarily restrained Delymeer moves to the opposite end of the hall to assist Charis in fighting the revenant even as more enemies appear to join it. Among them are more orcs and another sorcerer whose vile and necrotic magics have further weakened everyone. Branix joins the fight against the revenant who has taken hit after hit and grievously wounded Delymeer befor it finally succumbs. The enemy now blocks the only way out: the entrance to the common room. Using the absorbing power of her magical shield, Charis charges in, lays out the sorcerer, and knocks several doomed orcs prone. The Children use their power to heal Delymeer while outside, Kinsman continually rains death from above upon the orcs boiling into the inn.

Within the inn chaos has broken out in the common room as the patrons are fighting for their lives. Arlaith clears the way to the kitchen with another lightning bolt and the party heads in that direction to find a way out the back. Thankfully it’s empty, as is the courtyard between the kitchen and the stables. Fearing for their horses the party moves in and sure enough it seems they are all dead and being feasted upon. In a rage, Arlaith decimates two orcs with one ferocious swing of her staff, crushing their skulls. Miraculously, Morian’s stallion, Bitchpound (Irunsan) has escaped and is pacing outside with a few cuts but nothing too serious. Hope returns with Bitchpound and Father Gerard is loaded onto the horse and the party withdraws from the inn.

To the south the darkness has covered the city of Aridell and the party decides to take Father Gerard to the Cryptorium they had visited a few days prior for sanctuary. Once there, Archivist Valirand and his acolytes attempt to restore enough of Father Gerard’s sanity to get us some proper answers. Valirand says they possess some skill in helping people like Gerard – who have lost their minds after being exposed to corrupting knowledge – return from the darkness. With the healing Valirand is able to administer Gerard becomes lucid enough to tell us that the entrance to the Banewarrens lie a day and half ride to the East near the shore of the Trimmin Lakes beneath an old tower. He tells us that the church has been falling victim to attacks since assisting the Watcher agent Beliflas in the search for Elric and his sect. The sigil we have been encountering is a mark branded onto all of Elric’s minions. From this point, our path is clear. We go East, and woe upon any who stand in our way.

Greymeer: Age of the Druidyr - 1
SESSION 1 - as penned by the scribe Jasonephias Quinn

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The war room
The War Room – Where the magic happens

After a six month hiatus the heroes have begun tracking the elusive albino warrior they believe is responsible for the events in the north. See the previous entry: The story thus far. During that time the Watchers have been joined by a new recruit: A Derelf (a race long thought extinct) assassin by the name of Branix.

Now, An Agent of The Watchers: Belifas Gornd, contacts his superiors with information that the albino, Elric was spotted in the city of Aridell in Eledor. Beliflas, a rug-maker by trade, requested that our party come with all speed and meet him at his residence. Fortunately Aridell has a Wyr gate and so Arlaith was able to transport the party there after the party restocks with additional supplies. The Children of Methusella are reunited with their mystical stallions, Gildrias (meaning: Silver Mane) and Irunsan (meaning: Mist – but the player insists it actually translates to “Bitch-Pound”). The plan, on arrival, was to secure the gate area if necessary, scout out the rug-makers abode and place of work, then approach him once verifying that it was a legitimate request and not a trap. On arrival we find the gate is in an unused park within the city, just off the main thoroughfare. Dark times are abound and the tension of the people is palpable. Being armed and armored strangers, the party seems to feel the entire city watching them.

To search for our contact more efficiently, we split the party into two groups; Branix | Lance Yoshioka, Delymeer | Scott Oden, and Kinsman Thalos | Jason Hatfield go South while Charis Laurelin | Adam Porter, Morian Avanseer | Jason Quinn, and Arlaith Sindare | Kristie Oldaker head North. Each group finds lodging and explore a little into the city’s merchant district. It isn’t long before Charis’ team discover the rug-makers shop, but it appears empty. Locals say that nobody has seen Beliflas for at least two days. The group moves to the back and discover evidence of forced entry through the back door. Using caution they enter and discover that the place has been ransacked. The arcane senses of Arliath and Morian pick up evidence of malevolent magic on the upper level. In the meantime Kinsman’s party find their way to Beliflas’ shop. Charis is about to let them in the front door when Branix notices they are being watched rather intensely by a roast beast vendor. They change their plan and head in the back way before the upper level is explored. Upstairs we find a macabre and disheartening discovery. Belifas lies murdered in his office, his body bearing runic markings which are the source of the evil and magic detected earlier. We recognize them as signs of rituals used by agents of the Shadow for speaking with the dead. Charis finds the bodies of two children in another room, their throats slit probably while they slept, the wife is found in the same condition by Delymeer in another room. Thorough searching commences and Morian sets off a concussive rune trap left by the murderers beneath the rug-makers body. The party is about to give up and resign that whomever did this found what they were after. However, Arlaith casts a spell to reveal anything hidden or secret. In doing so a lever is found in the rafters above, throwing it opens a cache containing Beliflas’ Watcher’s Ring of Recall and a single sheaf of paper. On the paper is a strange sigil and beneath some cryptically penned suspicions listed out like pieces of a puzzle waiting to be connected. (see item: Beliflas’ Notes ) Exhausting their clues, Morian suggests journeying to the local Children of Methusella cryptorium and asking for aid. It lies a days ride to the East and with evening fast turning into night, the party decides to leave poor Beliflas and family as they are and leave town at dawn.

Gornd s rugs
Gornd’s Rugs

The journey begins and the day is uneventful. A watch is set that night as the party retreats from the road to pitch tents behind the cover of a dense copse of trees. Sometime around 3:00AM Charis is by the fire seeking a bit of relief from the cold drizzly morning and is fired upon by some unknown assailants. The bolt misses and hits a tent rousing Branix, Kinsman, and Delymeer. Charis spots two Hadesborn and a pair of Jackalyth nightspawns charging in to attack. Kinsman plants a shaft in each with prodigious skill, landing a stunning blow that opens one of the Hadesborn to further attacks. More enemies approach from the south and Branix moves to intercept while Charis lays them low with a great blow that knocks them off their feet. Morion and Arlaith are up now and the former lights up the newcomers with a lightning bolt allowing Branix to shadow step in and start carving with his wicked saber Syraxill. As the fight progresses Delymeer shows the enemy the wrath of his sae-forged long saber Ash Wand and scores several staggering blows. The enemy counterattacks viciously wounding Arliath and Charis but in the following melee they are all cut down and sent the way of all who hinder us. On searching the foes, Morion discovers sigils identical to the one in Belifas’ note tattooed on the neck of each Hadesborn. Wounds are healed and we carry on East to the cryptorium on the cliffs overlooking the Trimmin Lakes.

The road to the cryptorium
Ambush on the road to the Cryptorium

At the doors to the cryptorium the bell of silence is rung and the doors soon open. A pair of Blades escort us to meet the Archivist. His name is Valirend and we reveal the clues found in Beliflas’ study asking if he has heard of any of these items or events. The only information he has is a historical reference regarding the Banewarrens – a vile catacomb of vaults filled with the world’s greatest evils and the warren’s link to the Druidyr Wars. (see item: The History of the Banewarrens ) Valirend advises us that speaking to the spirit of Beliflas, as the enemy did, would probably reveal more information, including where the entrance to these Banewarrens might be. To do this we need a priest and the body of Belifas so we head back to Aridell without incident.

Unsure of where the body might be at this point, the party splits as before with Delymeer’s group going to retrieve the rug-makers body, if it still resides at his shop, while the others go to the Temple of Aon. On reaching the temple, it is clear that disaster has stuck again. A wing of the church has recently burned to the ground and is still smoldering in ruin. A great line of the needy and wanting seeking succor from the church look on with awe as we ignore the line and brazenly strut on in. In the meantime the others find the rug shop showing signs of habitation. Branix uses his skills to sneak in and finds a woman trying to scrub up the blood of the slain children’s. It is clear that the bodies were discovered and moved. Delymeer knocks on the front door and finds out this maid is Beliflas’ sister and that the bodies of the murdered have been taken to the temple of Aeon. By now the others are meeting with a priest of Aeon by the name of Father Lothlar and resort to use rather unfriendly tactics and flex their authority as a Seeker and a Knight of Tyr, insisting the priest share all the information they have on the recent attack. Father Lothlar reveals that the wing burned during the attack on the temple belonged to the Mysterium – an arm of the church that investigates and combats all things related to the Shadow. Only one man survived this attack and his location is known only by the Archfather, who will meet with us at his own discretion. Lothlar tells us the cost to speak with Belifas’ spirit is 2000 crowns, and he can be ready to undertake the ritual at noon the following day. Pooling resources, it takes nearly all of the party’s funds to pay for the service. We meet with Father Lothlar the next day and he takes us back to a large ritual chamber and the doors are ominously sealed behind us. It seems that whomever got to Beliflas first sealed a bane to his soul. Once the rite is begun by Lothlar a vile entity will most likely manifest and must be destroyed before we can speak with Beliflas’ spirit. A line of questioning is prepared for the spirit and a scribe stands ready to record its wailing’s which will be translated for us afterwards. Positions are taken and, as predicted, the entity appears ripping through the fabric of reality to consume the souls of those locked in the temple chamber. It spits a glob of something foul at Morian who is guarding Father Lothlar, then leaps at Branix. With preternatural quickness, the assassin intercepts the demon with a blow that knocks it prone. The entity is soon dispatched under a veritable storm of Sae-magic, steel, and arrows despite its ability to resist blows that would have decimated a lesser creature. With the entity destroyed, Beliflas’ soul is freed and his raging spirit appears – Arlaith asks the prepared questions. Its answers do not often fall in line with the questions, but all we can do is trust that the information imparted is what we need to know.

Church of aeon   the rite
The Church of Aeon – The Rite

After some investigation and our interview with the Archfather, we discover that he has hidden Father Gerard, the sole survivor of The Mysterium attack, in an inn by the name of The Ardent Shield. Only Father Gerard knows of the location of the Banewarrens. Beliflas’ spirit also reveals that the Banewarrens are indeed open and our chief suspect in his murder, Elric, knows all. What exactly this latter portion of the message means is still a mystery. So, with the plot thickening, our initial quest remains unchanged and our quarry continues to be quite elusive.

Greymeer: Age of the Druidyr - The story thus far...

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In the year 3112 a.s. of the 4th Era, four heroes would be the first to meet and begin to shape the history and fate of the world:

  • Kinsman Thalos, a half-elf bounty hunter tasked with killing a tyrant, or so he was lead to believe…

The heroes

It Begins:

In the far north, where the remote fastness of the Shadow Wall mountains meet the wilds of the Drunmodrin plain of Rhiannon, lies the forgotten fortress of Kundrakar(The Mountain Door). It is here where our heroes fates begin to converge and their lives are forever altered.
Regional map
The original Player’s Regional Map (Notice Dagger Ford and Eldmar are slightly out of place)

Charis Laurelin, A Knight Lieutenant of the Order of Tyr has come from Jaranel Keep with a full Shield (300 Knights) of her brother and sister warriors lead by their Knight Commander Lockland Berandyr. Little is told to the knights of their purpose beyond the fact that Lockland believes evil resides within the fortress which must be cleansed. Though nothing is found in the fortress itself, the Knights are preparing to enter the tunnels beneath.

Within the ranks of the Knights of Tyr is a small group of rangers being used as scouts. Among them is the Rianan half-elf, Kinsmen Thalos. Unknown to anyone is the secret Kinsman carries. Although he is an experienced ranger, Kinsman is in fact a bounty hunter and sometimes assassin who was hired in Calmann to join the expedition’s ranks and kill the Knight Commander Lockland. Told that the Knight Commander is an evil, bloodthirsty and tyrannical man, Kinsman asks few questions for he bears within his heart a great hatred for the knights for reasons he has told no one.

For Arlaith and Morian, carried upon their Sae-bread stallions from their home in the harsh deserts of Karran and the mysterious city of Lors, it is a search for knowledge. Carrying with them an ancient scroll, they hunt for the lost artifacts of a forgotten time. It is their suspicion that this scroll, marked with a ‘III’, could be The Third Scroll of Gil-geled (The emergence of the scrolls of Gil-geled being one of The Four Signs of the Seekers and a harbinger of the end times).

Upon this scroll is a simple riddle of words which seem to be instructions of some sort, instructions leading to a ‘Darken Prize’ but what this prize might be is still an unknown. After close to a year of searching for clues their journey finally brings them to the Fortress of Kundrakar. Beneath this fortress, long abandoned by the Drimmerin during the Dark Gate Wars close to 2000 years before, are the forges of Drueglin. But, what the Seeker and her Blade suspect is that a great secret has been kept and the Forges of Drueglin are in fact the fabled Forges of Attil – the legendary location of the great Formorian and Drimmeren foundries used to craft the first Sae-Forged weapons (‘Attilian’ weapons) used against the dark enemy and his armies during the Shouting Wars.

Upon their arrival, the Children of Methusella find the camps of the Knights of Tyr outside the fortress walls. While meeting with Knight Commander Lockland in an effort to gain access to the fortress, a wall of darkness descends upon the mountains. From within the darkness a howling army of orcs emerge.

In response, Lockland moves his forces into the fortress and the battle of Kundrakar begins. Throughout the night the knights and the heroes are all trapped within the fortress in a desperate fight for their lives. In the early morning hours few of the knights remain and the heroes are each on the verge of death as the orc hoard breaches the walls and threatens to overwhelm them all. It is at the last possible moment that a thunderous wave of energy sweeps over the fortress, its concussive force toppling walls and flattening the defenders while, in one fell stroke, killing the orc army. Recovering from the onslaught of power, the heroes and a handful of knights, including Lockland, see three figures climbing over the debris of the fortress walls: 2 dwarves and one giant of a man with flaming red hair bearing a monstrous hammer and a strange, sigil covered disc.

The three new-comers are Malik, a human adventurer bearing a power artifact which he used to destroy the orcs (an artifact useable only once a year) and the twin dwarven fighters: Bregga and Celleg. Malik, quickly tells the survivors of another hoard of orcs approaching the fortress through the pass, blocking their only escape. Their only chance is to enter the tunnels beneath Kundrakar.

Kundrakar 1
The original Kundrakar – Map 1

Kundrakar 2
The original Kundrakar – Map 2

What follows is a harrowing adventure where several discoveries are made:

  • First, the Forges of Drueglin are indeed the Forges of Attil and they still contain a cache of Sae-Forged ( The Sae) weapons (upon which Arlaith places a mass ‘word of recall’). Within this cache the blades ‘Lornreaver’, ‘Mournglyr’ and ‘Fainglyr’, and the bow ‘Death Singer’ are found as well as another of the scrolls of Gil-geled (The First Scroll of Gil-geled). In addition, in the heart of the Forge, unlocked with the use of the scroll carried by Arlaith and a rune marked amulet bore by Malik, is the fabled Black Orb which is prophesized to be used to re-forge the last Sword of Dawn.
  • Second, a tunnel has been excavated leading from beneath the Darkwall into Greymeer and the Forges. This tunnel is opened by Lockland and the nightspawn from beyond the wall are now free invade the lands of the sun under cover of this newly expanding darkness.
  • Third, it is also discovered that the darkness which befell them is a product of what Lockland calls the ‘Black Drianan Stone’. After being poisoned by a raging Bebilith (demonic spider) the stricken Knight Commander, in his feverish torment, admits to succumbing to his greed and making a pact with a man of great evil named Phaydris. In exchanged for hiding the black stone within Jaranal Keep, Lockland was promised great wealth to be found beneath Kundrakar. He now realizes that it was simply a ploy to get him to open the tunnel and allow the nightspawn to enter the forges, destroy it and get access to Greymeer under cover of the darkness provided by the stone for all nightspawn are destroyed beneath the light of the sun. Questioned by Kinsman, Lockland knows of no way to destroy the stone. In an act of both vengeance and mercy, Kinsman gives the Knight Commander the release from his agony he asks for and kills him. With the surviving knights and the dwarven twins dead, Malik and the heroes flee the forges of Attil with the Black Orb and the first Scroll of Gil-geled in their possession.

Finding themselves back on the plain of Dunmodrin, the heroes decide they must journey to Jaranel Keep to see if they can find a way to destroy the Black Drianan Stone. En-route, an elder evil from beyond the Wall, a Death Worm, borrows from the plains beneath them. In a magnificent stroke of skill and luck Kinsman, with a life or death shot, is able to dispatch the worm. However, the colossal creature collapses upon Malik. Unable to move the worm, the heroes are forced to assume Malik is dead.

Reaching Jaranal Keep, the heroes find it overrun with nightspawn but are able to sneak into the Keep’s highest tower from where the darkness seems to radiate. While finding their way to the tower, the heroes move through the depths of the Keep and discover a prisoner in the fortress dungeon. The stranger calls himself Phaydris and is able to convince the heroes to free him. Once released he directs a powerful psionic attack against them, knocking them out. When they awaken Phaydris is gone and Charis is forever changed. The attack has triggered something deep within Charis and she begins to develop powerful psionic powers of her own as if flood gates had been opened within her mind.

Continuing on, the heroes make there way to the Keep’s tower where they find the stone and attempt to destroy it but make little headway. Their efforts are interrupted when they are confronted by a warrior-mage named Sertanith sent to guard the stone and an albino warrior in sable armor named Elric. In a ferocious battle the heroes barely manage to kill Sertanith and drive away the albino warrior. With Arlaith seriously wounded and no way to destroy or remove the stone, the heroes move to leave the Keep. From the heights of the tower they spy an army of night spawn moving west. The first human settlement in their path is the fortress town of Dagger Ford where, according to Charis, a detachment of Knights of Tyr are stationed. Deciding Dagger Ford must be warned, the heroes board a psionically powered airship docked on the tower and Charis, with her newfound power, is able to pilot it – albeit, erratically.

As they fly to Dagger Ford the ship is attacked by nightspawn mounted upon nightmarish, flying creatures. Assaulted by powerful bolts of dark, arcane energy, the ship is critically wounded and Charis is barely able to maintain control. With the ship going down and a large portion of its body sheared away, the craft pitches violently and Kinsman is barely saved from plummeting to his death when Morian makes a desperate grab and catches the archer’s arm as he slides towards the edge of the shattered deck.

Bracing for impact, the heroes manage to survive with minor injuries as the ship crashes into and over the wall of Dagger Ford. Although stunned by such a dramatic entrance the warriors and knights of Dagger Ford move to action when they receive the warning of the encroaching foe. The Knight Commander of the fortress town tells the heroes they have been watching the approaching darkness. Unsure of what it might be he has sent runners to request another Shield of Knights and close to 1000 men-at-arms from Calmann. That would put the relief force at dagger Ford within the week. All the defenders have to do is prepare for the siege and hold out for their arrival. A force of 3000 night spawn arrive 2 days later and over the next 3 days the battle for Dagger Ford rages, the defenders only barely holding until the relief force arrives and breaks the foe against their shields and spears.

Img 0622
The original Dagger Ford battle map (notice the crashed ship just over the north-east wall)

All them wounded and exhausted, the heroes are taken to Calmann at the request of the knights to brief the Grand Master of the Order who has arrived from Tyr. There, they tell him of Lockland’s betrayal and the opening beneath the Dark Wall. The Grand Master tells them that his scouts have confirmed a massive force moving from the Forges west towards Calmann. The host faced at Dagger Ford was simply an expeditionary one. The knights are mobilizing to meet them upon the plain. If they fail, Calmann – one of the greatest cities of Greymeer – will most likely fall.

During the meeting they are joined by another Seeker and Blade from Lors, Nissa and Annistor, and a mysterious warrior named Delymeer. Delymeer claims to have knowledge of the darkness which he calls the ‘Nightshroud’ and its cause and how to end it. If the Heroes will join him they may be able to stop the darkness and in turn destroy the night host. During that time the knights must hold the host at bay.

The heroes and the Grand Master agree to the plan but only because the Grand Master knows of the Children of Methusella and trusts them. The next day, with a storm raging, the knights leave to meet the night spawn and Delymeer takes the heroes to an outcropping in the mountains outside of Calmann. There he opens a wyr gate, a forgotten mode of travel used in ages past. Emerging from the gate the heroes find themselves on a mist shrouded cliff overlooking the sea. Delymeer sounds a silver horn and within an hour a silver ship appears. Delymeer takes them down a series of switchbacks to a stone quay and they board the strange ship. Through the mist they arrive at three towers emerging from the sea. Delymeer welcomes them to the Towers of Eraborn.

Within the towers, the heroes are taken to meet a woman of remarkable beauty named Alithanna. She tells them that she is the matriarch of a secretive order as old as the Children of Methusella, called ‘The Watchers’. Head-quartered in the Towers of Eraborn, this Order’s members were all originally descended from the blood of the Tuor. – the original Men of the Sun of ancient Dalridrad. With most of that line died out, they are now simply a group dedicated to carrying on the traditions of the Order, foiling the plans of the Dark and being ready for the day when the last battle occurs. Only Delymeer, she says, holds the true blood of Dalridrad within his veins. With this revelation Arlaith realizes that the First Scroll of Gil-geled they found within the Forges of Attil is referencing Delymeer and his destiny to re-forge the Sword of Dawn and end the hold of the Dark over the world of Aithgar.

Alithanna reads the scroll and agrees with Arlaith. She then invites all of them (besides Arlaith & Morian and Nissa & Annistor, who are already Children of Methusella) to become Watchers. The heroes agree. Alithanna then tells them how they may end the current strife.

Referencing a lost history, she tells them of a dark ritual performed upon a captured Druidyr by the Great Betrayer Marduke and his acolytes. This rite involved the ritualistic removal of the Druidyr’s heart which, through corrupting magicks, becomes a fist-sized, stone-like artifact capable of extending the darkness into the lands of the sun while the Druidyr remains alive in a vile ‘undeath-like’ state. The only way to destroy this artifact is to kill the Druidyr who provided the heart. In ages past, when this ritual was performed, the Druidyr host was always held in the Necrotower – the dark enemies’ Watchtower of the West. It would be here, she says, that the heroes must travel – beyond the Dark Wall, in the hopes that the host Druidyr might be found and killed and the artifact destroyed and the encroaching Nightshroud with it.

The heroes, knowing that time is of the essence, agree and leave immediately – joined by Delymeer, Nissa and Annistor. Also joining them is Malik who, it turns out, is a Watcher as well and was able to transport himself, just moments before the death worm collapsed upon him, back to the Towers of Eraborn.

The heroes, arriving via another wyr gate, fight for their lives as they infiltrate the nightmare that is the Necrotower. At the heart of the tower the Druidyr host is found. Nissa and Annistor fall but Delymeer is able to kill the Druidyr thus destroying the dark artifact still pulsing far to the east in Jaranel Keep. It is a stroke that comes none too soon as the Knights of Tyr are on the verge of crumbling beneath the might of the nightspawn upon the fields of Dunmodrin. But, with the destruction of the artifact, the nightshroud fails, the sun breaks upon the plain the nightspawn are destroyed.

Mourning the loss of Nissa and Annistor, the heroes return to the Towers of Eraborn.

This is the tale thus far, but it is only a beginning…

Note 1: A follow-up adventure was played over a few sessions. In this adventure Lance joined the heroes however, for the purposes of this new campaign, consider that adventure as never happening. Lance has still joined the heroes as another Watcher recruited to the Order.

Note 2: This is a retelling of a year and a half long campaign which occurred almost eight years ago (All images provided were hand-drawn before the advent of Photoshop). After that campaign we played for years in the ‘Greymeer: Age of the Taken’ campaign. Now we are about to move onto the campaign ‘Greymeer: Age of the Hellmancer’ but before we do we will go back and tie-up some story lines in the previous Ages. It should be noted that thousand of years in game time have elapsed between each Age thus the tag lines: ‘Past’, ‘Present’, ‘Future’. Four of the six players are still original as we revisit this age of Greymeer and continue their adventure. I will add the other two campaigns: "Age of the Take’ and ‘Age of the Hellmancer’ as we return to them.


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